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How to Build a Website (in 30 minutes)

I ordered a website from a designer a few years ago. Everything went well during the initial phases of the process, and I really liked the result of his work. Problems started to creep in the minute I gave him the rest of the money, though.

I have logged into the website, only to find out that many of its plug-ins were outdated. I knew a few things about web design myself - at least enough to get a bit scared. So, I called my designer, and I have asked him to update the plug-ins himself. I knew how to do that, but I was afraid that the site may break during the process, and I didn't want it to be my responsibility.

I've got a shocking response from him: he didn't want to update the plug-ins either, because he was afraid that the site will break as well. As you can imagine, that was the last time I ordered a website from a designer. I chose to learn how to design websites myself.

Setting Up a Home Network Router

A router is usually a combination of a few devices - a DHCP server and a network switch, for example. A more expensive router may include a hardware-based firewall as well. Other routers may include data routing features such as Quality of Service, a.k.a. QoS.

There are many obstacles in any house, and some of them will have a significant impact, diminishing the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

You will feel that effect if you want to install the router in the living room and use a laptop in the bedroom, for example. If your laptop is unable to pick a strong signal, it is wise to try and reposition the router. Try to find a place that's got a higher height in comparison with the rest of the furniture and is away from electronic devices, which are known to cause interference problems. If that doesn't work, try to use an external antenna for your laptop's Wi-Fi card. These cards use a special type of connector and cable named U.FL.

The 10 Minutes Guide to Raspberry Pi

If you've never heard about Raspberry Pi, you will be thrilled to learn about its capabilities. In a nutshell, Raspberry Pi is a computer that's small enough to fit in your pocket. But unlike similar hardware, this is a bad boy, because it is able to run all sorts of projects, and look nice while doing it.

There have been several Raspberry Pi iterations so far. This explains its huge popularity, along with the thousands of different projects that can be built by making use of it.

Of course, Raspberry Pi's success was influenced by its small price as well. For about $35, you get a full computer that's got two USB plugs and two video output plugs. One of them is an HDMI, in case that you were wondering.

You will also need a computer monitor, of course. One that's got either an HDMI cable or on analog, composite video output.

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